Workshops Designed to Educate, Enhance and Enrich….

Nutritional Health Workshops
  • 10% Weight Loss: What are the benefits of losing 10% body weight to our health and longevity?
  • Brown Bag Lunch: With a budget of time and cents, how can this work for me and keep me healthy?
  • Diabetes and Cancer Link: What you need to know!
  • Senior Nutrition: Texture, Taste, Smell—Smile! Let’s talk about the change in our relationship with food as we age.

--- The above is a suggested list of topics of interest, please feel free to call and ask about a workshop geared towards your particular area of interest!
--- All workshops are professionally created and presented in an interesting and engaging manner and will be customized to meet your need for time and information.
--- Leaves of Change’s RDN will gladly speak to your group at your Office, Factory, Church, School or Community Center

  • 1 Hour ……………………………………$100 (minimum)
  • 30 minutes each additional…………$ 50
    *Prices for non-profits, Out-reach & Veterans negotiable


  • The Benefit to Relax, Restore, Revitalize and Relieve!
    …while never leaving the office!
  • Chair or Table Massage
    …20-30 minutes can be the best part of the day

    • Improves employee morale
      Addresses repetitive stress related pain
    • Reduces headaches/fatigue
    • Alleviates stress
    • Reduces tension
    • Eases muscle aches

Have Leaves of Change come to your place of work to offer this time tested therapeutic treatment to employees/staff so you can reap the benefits of a healthier, happier, more productive work environment!

$60 per hour……. 3 hour minimum

In-Home Massage

Why leave the comfort of your own home when Leaves of Change can come to you!

  • Convenient and time saving service
  • No more having to drive AFTER your massage
  • Completes a special Anniversary or Birthday
  • Fun addition to a “Girl’s Night” or Shower
  • Makes inaccessible---accessible!

$100 per hour……………….3 hour minimum

Corporate Massage
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